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Give your frontend infinite power through APIs

The simplest way to Integrate APIs securely with automated best practices.


Fast, safe API connection

Let KOR be the backend for your API connections with automated best practices.


Unlimited possibilities for your static sites

Make your static site dynamic and integrate any API in minutes.


Maintain and visualize your APIs

Maintain and keep track of all of your API secrets in one secure location. Quickly and easily renew API Keys.


Manage APIs through KOR Connect
One consolidated hub to get real time visibility of your connections

Power up your frontend in minutes. You no longer need to worry about:
- Securing your API Key/secrets
- Coding custom functions and proxies
- Secrets/keys being exposed




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KOR Minutes to deployment

KOR Takes Security Seriously
More than just a Proxy:

- KOR Connect generated public endpoints can only be called by allowed origins from on and off the browser.
          - Utilizing Google’s recaptcha V3 as an attestation layer.

- API keys are stored and encrypted at rest within lambda functions using symmetric algorithms.

- All transfer of information is done through SSL encrypted links.

- KOR Token Expiration: KOR Connect has developed additional layers of security to further prevent malicious activities.

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KOR Connect automatically integrates APIs into your frontend, you can edit the allowed domains and API keys anytime you want.


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